Is it time to begin designing your PowerPoint? Relax.

There are far too many tricks and shortcuts in PowerPoint, proven to be very useful! They have been thought to speed up your tasks big times and save you hours of work. That being said, let’s review them. Hope it helps!

Please note that these shortcuts are meant for computers whose default language is set to English. For other languages, these shortcuts may be different.


If you need to do this This the shortcut you need
Make selected text bold. Ctrl+B
Change the font size for selected text. Alt+H, F, and then S
Change the zoom for the slide. Alt+W, Q
Cut selected text, object, or slide. Ctrl+X
Copy selected text, object, or slide. Ctrl+C
Paste cut or copied text, object, or slide. Ctrl+V
Undo the last action. Ctrl+Z
Save the presentation. Ctrl+S
Insert a picture. Alt+N, P
Insert a shape. Alt+H, S, and then H
Select a theme. Alt+G, H
Select a slide layout. Alt+H, L
Go to the next slide. Page Down
Go to the previous slide. Page Up
Go to the Home tab. Alt+H
Move to the Insert tab. Alt+N
Start the slide show. Alt+S,B
End the slide show. Esc
Close PowerPoint. Alt+F, X