Everyday business presentations become more and more important as business become more global and the impact of a presentation is determinant for business success. This is real for almost every worker. Typical examples of this are teaching lectures, start-ups presentations and business reports among many more. This becomes more important if you think that presentations are more often than not, accompanied by slides. So, if you want to shine, stand out with your slides and sell your points, the following PowerPoint tips & tricks may very well help you making your presentations more engaging, persuasive and will bring you closer to success and have everyone else in the office jealous of your expertise.   Create custom slides sizes   Slides sizes don’t have to be the same as the default size, they can be adjusted to the most convenient size. To adjust the slide size to the most convenient one for you, follow these steps:

  1. Open File.
  2. Select Page Setup.
  3. Type the height and width that you need (you can choose pixels or inches).
  4. Click OK.

Align the slide objects

Presenting aligned objects make a difference in the audience aye. Aligned object will make your slides looking cleaner. The good news is that this can be done very quickly.

  1. Select all the objects you want by clicking on one, then hold shift and select the rest of them.
  2. At the top, find and click Align. It also may be labeled Distribute.
  3. Choose the alignment you require (align to right, align to middle, align to left, etc.).

Give your title personality

First impact makes a big difference, so don’t forget giving your slides titles their personality, yet remember to keep them unified along the presentation. This will give an order and neatness sensation.

  1. Right click on the text you want to format and click on Format Text Effects.
  2. That’s all there is to it! Choose the formatting options that fits best your needs.

Zoom in and out of slides

Haven’t you find yourself in a presentation in which you are asked to show that very small detail in a slide? Well, there is a way to make it larger and show it to your audience when giving a presentation. This will avoid them from not seeing the details when needed!

  1. In the Presenter View, there is a magnifying glass at the bottom.
  2. Once you click on that, drag to where you want to zoom in and click again.
  3. After you’re zoomed in, you can use the hand tool to move around so you can show other things while zoomed in.
  4. Once you’re done, click the magnifying glass again to zoom back out. This is a great way to have more control over your presentations and show people something different.

When presenting make the screen Black or White to get attention on you

You are the presenter and the slides are there to help you. That is why they are called visual aids. That being said, there may be times when you need to be the center of attention, and hide what’s being shown in the slide.

  1. Hit the B key to send the screen to a complete black out, or the W key to go to a white out.
  2. That’s all there is to it!

Bullet points make no good

An image is worth a thousand words is a saying that never gets old, and very well applies for presentations. As it has been recommended by many senior lecturers and successful businessmen, bullet pints are not a good idea. They will make your presentations a brick! Instead of using them, replace them with icons or pictures. Just remember to use images or icons that are related to your point, and please, use good quality pictures. Showing poor quality images, will not engage your audience nor speak very good about your presentation.

Start your presentations instantly

When you are part of an audience you don’t want to see the presenters email or messy desktop. So, think of whether your audience would like to see yours. The more likely answer is no. To avoid this from happening, when done creating your presentation save it as a .pps or a .ppsx file. With this, once you are ready to present your PowerPoint Show, you will double click on it and this will take you right into the slideshow, and not the PowerPoint editing mode. Just remember, to exit the slideshow you can either finish it or Click Esc.

Easily Capture Screenshots with PowerPoint

If you require adding screenshots from your computer, PowerPoint makes it easy to grab them. Follow these steps

  1. On the Insert tab, click the Screenshot icon, and you’ll see a thumbnail of each of your currently open windows.
  2. Resize the window to show exactly what you want first, then come back and select it—it’ll get dropped into the slide you’re editing.
  3. Voilá.

Set Up a Kiosk looped Presentation

Haven’t you wanted to show that presentation of yours continuously, over and over again, in a kiosk and avoiding having to restart it countless times? Well there’s a way to do this:

  1. Click the Slide Show tab.
  2. Select Set Up Slide Show, and in the dialog box click next to Browsed at kiosk (full screen).
  3. Set it to loop continuously, or even to skip audio narration you’ve built in, or any animations.
  4. Next step, go to the Transitions tab to the Duration box, and set a time for how many seconds a slide will show—
  5. Click Apply to All, to assign that timing to each slide.
  6. You’re done.
  7. To escaping looped mode presentations hit Esc.

Don’t Copy & Paste slides or slide elements; Duplicate them.

You can hit Ctlr-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste constantly if you must reuse an element or a slide over and over. However, duplication is easier: hold Ctrl while you click and drag on that object. It’ll make an exact copy of it. Keep selecting and making dupes and they’ll all evenly space themselves out, too.   The same principle applies for slides, don’t copy and paste the, instead of that duplicate them. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Select one or more slides in the left navigation pane
  2. Go to Insert, or hit the mouse right button
  3. Click New Slide menu, and/or select Duplicate Selected Slides.

Generate lorem ipsum text in a shape or text box

When using PowerPoint, you can quickly add placeholders to show where the text is going to be. Avoid copying and pasting lorem ipsum paragraph, do this faster with this secret tip!

  1. Pick any shape
  2. Type =lorem(x) and hit enter (x is the number of paragraphs you desire),
  3. The shape will be filled with random text!

If you dont want latin text to show, then use the =rand(x,y) function.

  1. Type =rand(2,3)
  2. This will generate 2 paragraphs with 3 sentences each.
  3. That’s it

These tips and tricks will make you look like a senior lecturer as you will be able to quickly manipulate your presentation live, in a way that creates impact. We wish that you find this helpful and make use of it. It will truly make a difference!


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