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Marketing 5P’s slide
Marketing 5P’s slide
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Marketing 5P’s slide


Marketing 5P’s slide: Product, Place, Promotion, Price, and Profit. A brilliant way to show your marketing 5P strategy using high-recall PowerPoint editable templates.

To put it more succinctly, the 5 Ps of marketing are the five pillars on which any marketing strategy should be based. They were already explained in the 1960s by Philip Kotler, one of the fathers of marketing.

In this slide of the 5p’s you will find a smart and clear way to represent your marketing strategy and key concepts that should not be forgotten.

Whether for business or educational purposes, marketing 5Ps is a must-have that should be on the desk of any interested person.

FYI: We are proud to count a complete collection of marketing slides following this link. Take a look and find everything you need to effectively communicate your marketing strategy.


Technical features of the Marketing 5p’s Slide templates

Customize slides easily! This is a 100% editable slide kit. Change the slides’ backgrounds and the elements’ colors, add your own text to the placeholders, and much more! All the elements in this package are PowerPoint vectors, making it quick and easy for you to resize them to your needs while keeping their visual quality. You won’t need additional software to do this.

Add your text easily with just a few clicks. These slides have been pre-designed to save you lots of time and effort when it comes to personalizing them. There is no need for you to create new layouts. Just focus on writing your content in the text placeholders – this well-thought-out design coupled with the right written message will maximize your presentation’s potential!

Change the colors of the slide elements with one click! Use the PowerPoint powerful theme color selection tool to fine-tune the colors displayed on these slides and their elements. Just one click, select and apply the color scheme that best suits your needs, or even include your corporate brand colors! Using them will give your presentation personality and will strengthen your brand!

Highlight your corporate contact and logo! These custom slides have been pre-designed to easily match your brand identity. Additionally, they contain footer markers intended to include your company name or key contact information, so you won’t fail to share them with your audience and customers.

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