PowerPoint Advanced Skills Course


Wouldn’t you like to become prominent among your colleagues when it comes to creating important presentations? Want to create effective PowerPoint presentations but don’t know where to start? Then certainly this is the course for you!

You’ll learn tips & tricks to make quick and lasting impressions and will be judged much more favorably at work!


This is a face-to-face hands-on intermediate level training course. It is appropriate for individuals with foundational knowledge of PowerPoint interested in improving higher-level usability, security, collaboration and functionality skills needed to create and edit slides at an advanced level. This course covers the required tools and provides tips and tricks that will guide students through the entire thought process needed to create killer presentations.

Objectives & Goals

After completing this course, you are expected to be able to easily explore the PowerPoint environment and to create advanced presentations that include different types of slides, animations, transitions, to use the Outline tab, to format slides and templates, to express concepts with clarity, to successfully adding advanced graphical objects and elements and to create and edit data charts in a structured way and to finalize a presentation in a professional way.

Content & Topics

Subject Description
Predesigned templates Search for predesigned templates that fit your needs and use Pin Templates to List.
Apply styles to slides Personalize your slides based on the kind of information you wish to deliver.
Copying and duplicating slides Reuse existing slides, using different techniques, to save development time.
Import Text Files Learn the multiple ways of importing text files into PowerPoint.
Editing fonts Use the advanced text format editing menu, remove text format.
Editing paragraph Change the text direction, align your text, convert text to Smart Art.
Edit and duplicate elements Reuse existing elements, add quick styles and use the organize tool and advanced editing features.
Search and replace tool Find and change words for others as a bulk action.
Format a table Modify the structure and appearance of a table.
Capture and insert screenshots Insert screenshots in a proper way.
Using general view Use the summary or section general view to summarize special information.
Adding hyperlinks Use hyperlinks and action buttons to jump to other slides or to access websites while presenting.
Add and show comments Create comments on your slides to track tasks to do on your slides.
Adding footnotes Make sure the information you share is backed up on facts.
Using preset slides designs Use predesigned slides designs to give your presentations professional looks.
Changing the slide size Make sure the slides size you are using are the ones that best fit your presentation venue.
Background format Make sure your slides backgrounds allow the content to be easily visualized and remembered.
Design ideas Use the automatic slide design feature to focus on content development instead of design.
Use animations and transitions Give your presentations life and make it look as a story.
Running a slideshow Learn the advanced features of running and configuring a presentation as a slideshow.
Test accessibility Review your slides and avoid mistakes that may have been overpassed.
Compare presentations Compare and merge different versions of your presentations in PowerPoint.
Presentation views Choose the right view for the task in PowerPoint
Use rulers, guides and gridlines Use to rulers, guides and gridlines align shapes and other objects.
Zoom Magnification Learn how to use and Change the Zoom Magnification.
Zoom and adjust features The zoom and adjust to window makes your presentation dynamic. only available for office 365.
Use and edit slides notes Make sure you have presenter notes to refer to during a presentation.
Arrange windows views Use multiple, arranged, or split windows when using PowerPoint.
Format a chart Edit data charts components, such as axes and legends, to make them self-explanatory.
Formatting Text as WordArt Create fancy text in your presentation and give them their own personality.
Inserting Clip Art Add clipart to a slide, to share messages in a way that creates remembrance.
Importing tables and charts Importing tables and charts from other Microsoft Office applications.
Align and distribute elements Align and distribute slide elements, giving balance the content on your slides.
Group and ungroup elements Group various shapes, images and more together to work on them as a single element.
Arrange images Learn to arrange images in a way that your slides have professional looks.
Edit your images Rotate, resize, apply and change styles, crop, group ungroup and arrange images.
Use the outline view Use the outline tab to import and modify word outlines.
Using the status bar Learn to use and modify the status bar and its functions.
Using the notes pane Add extra text to your slides to guide your presentations or to include it in printed handouts.
Dialog Box Launchers Learn how to use the Dialog Box Launchers.
Quick Access Toolbar Learn how to use and customize the Quick Access Toolbar.
Explore the PowerPoints views Work on different parts of your presentation such as slides, slide thumbnails, text.
Explore the slide show options Set your presentation in a variety of ways to avoid things to go wrong.
Using the presenter view Use PowerPoint to view slide timings, slide notes and a preview of the next, upcoming slide.
Adding animations Make objects enter the slides, exit and move around to gain your audience attention.
Adding transitions Make the slides change smoothly from one to another and gain your audience attention.
Printing slides layouts Give to your audience presentation layouts that support and serve as a guide for your slideshow.
Protect your presentation Learn how to secure, distribute and protect the information a presentation.
Customize a slide show Create and set up a slide show and annotate a presentation & record a presentation.
Create a Photo Album Add multiple pictures to a presentation even in the format of two or four pictures per slide.
Working with Slide Sections Group your slides and quickly move that group to a new area of your presentation.
Use advanced commands Learn and understand how to use advanced shortcuts and keyboard commands.
Broadcast slide show Broadcast a slide show to a remote audience through PowerPoint Online.
Printing presentations Print various components of a presentation

Course Plan & Duration

The nature of our courses allows us to deliver them depending on the attendees availability. This face-to-face course, designed for a class of up to 20 attendees, it lasts 4 hours and is tipically delivered in blocks of 2 hours, during an entire morning or an entire afternoon.


  • Introduction: 15 minutes
  • First guided practice & hans-on block: 2 hours
  • Coffee break: 15 minutes
  • Second guided practice & hans-on block: 2 hours
  • Discussion, questions & answers: 30 minutes
  • Wrap up


This course is meant for individuals using PowerPoint 2016, 2013 or 2010 and is taught using PowerPoint 2016 software. However, there are very few differences between the 2016 and the 2013 and 2010 versions from an end-user’s perspective. Our instructors have used all 3 versions and will be able to quickly highlight the several small changes to the user interface. Users of any of the 3 versions of PowerPoint will have no problem learning in the 2016 software environment.

For this course you will need the following elements:

  1. Class room with comfortable room for every attendee
  2. PC or Mac available for every attendee
  3. Attendees will need to install Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016 or Microsoft Office 365 Software
  4. Keyboard
  5. Mouse
  6. Speakers
  7. Video Beam