Everyone’s been in a hurry for finishing a presentation, still it had misspellings, we know that.

No worries. for the next time, there are quick ways to get around that, and the best: In 60 SECONDS! Let’s see how.


Check Spelling for an Entire Presentation:


  1. Open PowerPoint Spelling to Start Spell-Check Locate the Review button on the PowerPoint ribbon and click it. Click the spelling button Spelling located in the far left side. To start the spell-check process.
  2. If you want to Ignore All in PowerPoint Spellcheck On the right side, on the review panel you will find all the mistakes in the presentation. Similar to as Microsoft Word. You can do this for example when you want the word “powerpoint” to be shown in lowercase instead as to being capitalized as “PowerPoint.” In such case to keep your style, press Ignore All to skip over each use of this in my template.
  3. If you want to Change All to Spelling You can do this in a similar way to the Ignore All function. However instead of chosing Ignore all on the review panel, chose Change all. By doing this you will avoid to cheking one by one every same word along your presentation.

Check Spelling as You Work

For numberless reasons, spelling errors always happen when you use lots of text in your slides. Luckily, PowerPoint includes several options to proofread your presentations for misspelled words. When using the Normal View, PowerPoint highlights any misspelled words with a red squiggly line underneath the misspelled word. The same occurs in the Outline View. When you see such words do as follows:

  1. Retype the word into your presentation using the correct spelling.
  2. Right-click on the misspelled word and choose one to replace it (if you find the correct one), as shown below.
  3. You can also ignore PowerPoint’s warning that the word is misspelled. Perhaps it’s not. You can do this by right-clicking on the word and choosing Ignore All.

To switch to Outline View, go to the View tab on the ribbon, then click Outline View. It’s located to the right of Normal View, as shown below. When you click on the Outline View button, your presentation appears as an outline and you will be able to correct the spelling for words included in the Slide Master design for your PowerPoint. Note that using this option does not allows correcting words included in text boxes or shapes not included in the Slide Master slides.


Add Terms to your PowerPoint’s Dictionary

Who said PowerPoint can’t learn? As a last trick, note that you can “train” your PowerPoint software to your preferences by “teaching” him new words. In the spelling review panel you can add words to your dictionary by pressing Add. This will add words you regularly use in your PowerPoint allowing your spell-check dictionary to remember them in the future and save you big times.


The Thesaurus

A thesaurus offers synonyms (words with the same definition) for those used in your presentation. To use the thesaurus, do as follows:


  1. Select a word in your presentation that you’d like to find a synonym for
  2. Go to the Review tab and click the Thesaurus button.
  3. Find the synonym you want to use in the list, then right-click on that word.
  4. When you right-click on the word, click Insert from the menu.
  5. The synonym will appear inserted where the original word was.