For the business relations between Communication Points S.A.S., Calle 101a # 11B-11, Of.301 Bogota, Colombia, 110111, (hereinafter referred to as “SlidePoints”) and the user of the below described products (the “Client”) apply exclusively these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) of SlidePoints valid version at the point of the usage.

Products by SlidePoints
SlidePoints range of products includes templates for PowerPoint presentations in  .ppt or .pptx formats. This product portfolio of templates for PowerPoint presentations includes diagrams, graphics, backgrounds, maps, flags, icons and digital signage, together with other contained content (including text, images, banners, films, graphics, maps, layout, objects and animations). Below these templates for PowerPoint presentations and the contents will be described as “products”.

The details and the exact composition of these products can be found in the respective specifications. The products are only provided for direct download in the file type and size which is described in the respective offer of SlidePoints. The customer is not entitled to receive the products in a manner other than via download (e.g. by mail) or in a different form (e.g. in a different file format or on physical media such as CD-Rom).

The products of SlidePoints are copyright protected by trademark and competition law. With the conclusion of the contract, the customer acknowledges the copyright and intellectual property rights of SlidePoints and the validity of these terms and conditions, in particular the duties and responsibilities of the customer and the limitations of rights to the products.

Conclusion of Contract
The website of SlidePoints (www.slidepoints.co) and the offered products provide a bid to conclude a sales contract. When the customer places an order in the online shop of SlidePoints, SlidePoints sends an automatically generated email that confirms the receipt of the order and the separately listed details of the purchase (order confirmation).

The contract between the customer and SlidePoints is formed when SlidePoints accepts the offer of the customer by providing the ordered product by sending a download link. Depending on the selected payment method this order confirmation can arrive at the same time as the above-mentioned order confirmation. The contract covers only the provision of these products for download and the granting of rights to use these products according to the license terms.

The download and use of the products is subject to charge if an offer of SlidePoints is not specifically marked as free.

Relevant to the payment by the customer are the specified prices valid at the time of the order on the SlidePoints web page. These are also listed in the invoice which the customer receives following the order confirmation. The compensation is in fact due within the designated deadline given for payment. After that date, the customer is in default without need of any further notice. Until full payment, the products remain the property of SlidePoints.

Faulty orders or differences in amounts will be credited to the customer account in form of store credit.

Payment options
There are several payment options available for the payment of the products: Credit Card, PayU. Concerning data handling, the customer can find additional information with the respective payment provider and their data security measures. SlidePoints does not assume any liability for the correctness of this information.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Customer
The customer is responsible for the correct and complete input of his data which is necessary for the completion of the purchase agreement and the use of the products. The address must be complete and valid, because it is the licensing address for the purchased products. Changes to this data need to be added online by the customer immediately; otherwise SlidePoints needs to be notified by e-mail or in writing.

The customer has to provide the technical requirements needed to run the offered download and to open, process and/or save the products. The expenses of Internet access and connection while using the Web, in particular during the download of the products, are borne by the customer.

Passwords must not be disclosed to third parties and are protected against access by third parties. For safety reasons they should be modified in regular intervals. If there is reason to believe that an unauthorized person has gained knowledge of the password, the client must change it immediately.

Usage Rights
As part of the purchased license, the customer may use SlidePoints products for their own (commercial) use, but not for the business purposes of others (third parties).

The content of the slides (such as images, etc.) cannot be used outside of the products. This also includes the free slides provided in our shop.

Upon the full payment of the compensation, the customer obtains the unrestricted right to use, store, copy, replicate, print and edit the products with their content. The products may only be used for the customers own purposes. The customer is entitled to publish these products on his website (using the logo of SlidePoints or other appropriate copyright references to SlidePoints), and making them available, if they are in a non-editable format (such as pixel graphics in a PDF).

The publishing of a vector format is prohibited. Products edited by the customer must also contain copyright information.

The customer is not entitled to offer, sell or distribute the products (un-edited or modified version) or to pass them on and grant title to the rights to any third party (with the exception of the above regulations). The customer is not allowed to edit, resell, rent or lease the products – in particular to third parties and their business purposes. It is especially not allowed to use the products for third parties as part of an agency business.

Download-Packages and Shop Accesses cannot have a differing license address than the customer’s user address. The customer is both user and license holder of the downloaded products. Reselling the products is prohibited.

Examples of legitimate and illegal transfer of products to third parties:

Permitted is, for example, the release of the products (original or modified version) to customers for their internal use as part of trainings. In this context it is prohibited to transmit copyright-related exploitation rights) to the customers.

Not allowed is, for example, the use of the products, whether free or for a charge (original or modified version), with the simultaneous establishment of processing, reproduction and / or publication rights to third parties.

Not allowed is, for example, the isolated use of the content included in the products (images, graphics and maps) outside of the products. This content may not be separated from the products and used for different purposes.

Any other use of the products is strictly prohibited and requires the prior written consent of SlidePoints. The customer is especially not allowed to offer the products on other websites, portals and social networks and provide them for download whether free or for a charge. This also includes the free slides provided in our shop.

The acquired products are licensed to the individual stated in the license address or to the business address of the registered company. The license address must be current and valid and must be stated in the customer account. Changing the license address requires written communication with Communication Points S.A.S.
The use of a properly licensed product by third parties, individuals, groups or companies, whose members do not belong to the business indicated with the license business name or business address is strictly prohibited. Under the supervision of our copyright and licensing rights, we reserve the right to legally pursue violations of our Disclaimers.

The customer agrees to indemnify SlidePoints from all third party claims arising out of the infringement of in these terms and conditions listed duties and / or other acts of the customer; provided that such damages are not attributable to SlidePoints. Under the exclusion of an objection, the customer is obligated to pay a contractual penalty for each breach of these terms and conditions of an immediately payable USD 18,000. This penalty will be charged to any damage claims by SlidePoints; the customer has the right to claim lesser damage if it can be proven.

Significant shortcomings with the products will be fixed by SlidePoints within a reasonable time (performance). SlidePoints will do so by removing the defect (supply) or by delivering a product free from defects. Since we design, develop and implement our products in-house, we can “guarantee” for the products’ quality. If a product does not comply with the described properties or shows material defects, the product in question will be revised immediately and the customer will be provided with a faultless product.

Liability of SlidePoints 
SlidePoints takes continuous effort in the completeness, accuracy and actuality of its products, but is not obligated to review the same. This refers in particular to the geographical and political correctness of the maps. The customer is not entitled to subsequent performance if the products are no longer “current”, because the contracted service is solely the creative design of the products.

SlidePoints is only liable unlimited, if a damage was caused by intent or gross negligence. Furthermore SlidePoints is liable for the negligent breach of obligations, the violation of obligations that jeopardize the achievement of the purpose or for the violation of obligations to fulfill the regularity of the contract in the first place which the customer relies on. In this case the liability of SlidePoints shall be limited to typical contractual foreseeable damage. SlidePoints is not liable for the negligent infringement other than the obligations referred to in the preceding sentences.

The above limitations do not apply in case of injury to life, limb and health, for a defect after a guarantee for the quality of products and fraudulent concealment of defects. Liability under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected.

Auxiliary conditions
If any provision of these terms and conditions should be or become invalid, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

The customer can only transfer rights and obligations to third parties with prior given written consent by SlidePoints. The customer has the right to compensation only for uncontested or legally valid claims.